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Welcome to Adult Baby Escorts

This site is dedicated to UK escorts and UK escort agencies who are Adult Baby aware, if that doesnt mean much to you then this site isnt for you. But if you are an Adult Baby or a diaper lover in the UK or are looking to try ageplay or some form of soft S&M play then this site will really become your friend.

Real AB Experiences with Real Escorts.

No-one wants to have to pluck up the courage to ask random escorts wether they have any Adult baby experience or wether they play at Daddy and little girl play only to have the phone slammed down or the woman ask in disgust .. you want what?

This site lists escorts all around the Uk who have specifically said in there profiles that they take part in, or actively enjoy ageplay or Infantalism and so you can be safe in the knowledge that this person will have a good idea about what you are looking for.

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